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Reach Students can augment Central District church youth ministries in three vital ways:

  1. NETWORKING | Provide meaningful, stable, inviting and supportive relational clusters for youth workers and their spouses.

  2. TRAINING | Provide low cost, accessible and relevant training for youth workers and ministry-minded students.

  3. CATALYTIC EVENTS | Provide events, retreats and conferences to assist youth workers to create momentum in their local ministries, to model core biblical values and to attract students to Christ.


The RSCD support team is a self-perpetuating team of 4-8 Central District youth workers who carry the primary responsibility to fulfill the RSCD mission.

  • Provide administrative support and oversight for all RSCD endeavors. Specifically, provide accountability and direction for: Finances and budget. Event registrations. Event programming and staffing.

  • Provide a vital organizational link and cooperative relationships between youth workers, churches, RSCD programs, Hidden Acres, National Student Ministries Leadership and the Central District leadership (District Office).

  • Sustain and sharpen the vision and direction of RSCD in order to achieve its Mission.

  • Assure coordination between the various parts of RSCD’s structure (training, events, networking).

  • Support the members of RSCD through shepherding, encouraging, challenging and providing advocacy for them in their respective churches in the EFCA.


The youth pastors (and lay leaders) of the Reach Students Central District (RSCD) meet approximately once every six weeks for a 2-3 hour meeting followed by a meal together at a restaurant (paid for by RSCD). We spend time sharing ideas, praying with one another, getting valuable training, planning events, and being accountable. Many youth pastors have stated that these meetings are a key part to keeping them encouraged and in ministry.


The RSCD is a part of the EFCA’s Central District.



The Central District exists to lead, support, strengthen and multiply healthy churches and leaders among all people throughout our entire area of ministry.


As a people of God, we have a passion to experience a deeply intimate and spiritual relationship with Christ. With the Bible as our guide and the recognition that we walk in the pathway of countless godly people before us, it is our desire as a people of faith to experience God both in word and heart, and not just in our head. We invite you to join us in one of our churches as we seek a deeper connection with God the Father through the gospel of Jesus Christ and in the power of his Holy Spirit.

“I want to know Christ, and the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, to attain to the resurrection from the dead.”

• Philippians 3:10-11


  • High quality youth retreats and leadership events

  • Leadership for student ministry (RSC)

  • Men’s and women’s ministries

  • Care and counsel for pastors and churches

  • Credentialing pathways for pastors

  • Healthy church networks and church health development

  • Intentional church planting

  • Retreat and camping ministries

  • A “continuation of care” retirement living home

  • Church building help (Solid Rock Builders)

  • Pastor placement for churches and pastors

  • Ministry Expansion Loans

The early roots of the Evangelical Free Church of America are traced directly to a city in our district, Boone, IA. In 1884 a group of churches that had only relational connections, met in Boone for an initial confrence. They chose to create a “free church” organization of like-minded churches to carry out together ministry that would be beyond the scope of any one church and which could be done more efficiently together.

The EFCA is now divided into 17 districts. The Central District was founded in 1898 and currently serves the churches of Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, and SE South Dakota. Since the district’s founding in 1898, our offices have moved between several areas, with our present location being Ames, Iowa. We are committed to the doctrinal statement and distinctives of the Evangelical Free Church of America.


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